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Cyntia Braga is the creator and owner of Concept Desing Hostel. A journalist and a business woman, sought inspiration in Europe. She did a deep research in grife hostels in Portugal (the "Mecca" of hostels in the world), besides having gone to get to know models in other coutries, such as Colombia, Argentina, Spain, U.K., Ireland, Italy and Brazil. In her research, she inserted the concern about sustainability and created a project that, more then colorful, is highly conected with the best attention to the environment. The founder of the hostel created a pallete with the own colors choice and baptized each room with the number that corresponds to the color that decorates it. The logo of the hostel, the front part and the graphics that animate the entrance wall of the building were a gift from a brazilian designer who is also her friend, Mario Verdi.

"Developing the ideia of the Concept was a long and delicious project; I love fresh ideas and I don't live without a new challenge. I'm always changing something here and there, innovating and testing new possibilities to keep our hostel always modern, pleasent and with the vibe of the new guests profiles that arise.


"Don't panic!"


“Get travel, get home. Put it on repeat”


"What is life, if not a beautiful and great adventure!!"


“Valhalla waits you, brother!”


“Always fighting”


“I love to make friends”