Nightlife in Puerto Iguazu

Attractions on the Argentinean side!

Posted by Concept Design Hostel on 25/10/2019

In Puerto Iguazu there is the so-called fair, a very good place to eat an empanada and have an Argentinian beer.

The place is full of stalls selling Argentinian wines, salami, olives, olive oils, cheese and the famous alfajores.

You can also visit the Argentine Landmark, located on the banks of the Iguazu River, the landmark is painted in the colors of the Argentine flag,

Puerto Iguazu Dining Options

El Quincho del Tio Querido, a restaurant that serves authentic Argentine parrilla on a night with tango and live music.

La Toscana restaurant offers delicious homemade pasta, savory risotto and a full selection of river meat and fish.

La Misionera - Casa das Empanadas has excellent empanadas with a wide variety of fillings.

The Argentine Experinece, a very well explained Argentinean gastronomic culture, with creativity and good humor, where the client himself makes his empanadas, sipping delicious wines.

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