Paraguay beyond shopping

Explore Ciudad del Este!

Posted by Concept Design Hostel on 25/10/2019

Is Ciudad del Este just for shopping? The answer is no! The city is rich in culture, entertainment, and very welcoming people.

A lot of people do not know, but Del Leste city also has a set of waterfalls that make up the waterfalls Saltos del Monday. They are not like the Iguazu Falls, but it is very worth seeing their beauty.

Speaking of natural beauty, Ciudad del Este has a very quiet place to walk and relax, a Lagoa da República, with a jogging track that strolls under a well-kept lake in the city.

The city also boasts one of Paraguay's best-known and award-winning restaurants, SAX Palace, and enjoy an exquisite and hearty dinner on Paraguayan night.

And does it have a casino in Paraguay? Yes, sir! Paraguay has great casino options, such as Acaray, an overly decorated and bright environment filled with gaming machines and gambling visitors.

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