Iguassu Wild Life Wall

Art & fun

Posted by Concept Design Hostel on 25/10/2019

Art created by architect Eliane Canhoto commemorates the 6th anniversary of the Concept

To commemorate 6 years of many stories, Concept Design Hostel is inaugurating this August a beautiful artistic mural, developed by architect Eliane Canhoto, from Curitiba.

The the idea of the mural was to bring more joy to the environment of the hostel pool, a space that is very frequented by guests.

Eliane Canhoto and Cyntia Braga, the hostel's director, have been friends since childhood. When Cyntia saw the architect's previous works, developed in charcoal, she soon wanted to bring this art to the hostel.

Eliane Canhoto developed the technique of painting in charcoal, through a course with Alberto Massuda, in one of her trips to São Paulo.

The panel, named "Iguassu Wild Life" represents the fauna and flora of Foz do Iguaçu and region, with coatis, macaws, and birds, along with the beauty of the falls. Bringing art and design to the environment, everything to do with the hostel concept.