Não é a toa que fomos eleitos “O Melhor Hostel do Brasil”!
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No wonder we were voted “The Best Hostel in Brazil”!

We won the award for BEST HOSTEL OF BRAZIL by Viagem e Turismo magazine, by Abril. We have an EXCELLENT rating on ALL selling channels, and also on Trip Advisor and Trivago, which are not sales channels, but channels that offer lodging and they receive thousands of reviews of guests who buy their stays in various other channels around the world.

Of course we are happy with this award, but we went a little further and asked why our guests like us so much, both Brazilians and foreigners. This is what we found:

1st – Foreign guests say: you guys have a “same or even better” hostel than a lot of the high-rated European hostels, because:

– “You have an excellent infrastructure”;

– “Breakfast is far above world average”;

– “Beds and mattresses give one of the best nights sleep we’ve had in recent times traveling the world”;

– “Everything is clean and organized. People respect the rules and are kind, affectionate and polite”;

– “You offer the right amount of fun; guests can also rest after a full day of hiking along the border. Excellent measure”.


2nd – Brazilian guests say: they don’t believe Concept is a hostel, but rather a “boutique hostel”,because:

– “I already stayed in hostels that I would not dare going back. I decided to take a chance and I changed my mindset about design or boutique hostels. They really are worth it! They are like chic inns, but way more fun. I’ll definitely be back “;

– “I never thought there was a “hotel” that would allow strangers in the same room. I took a shot and loved the experience. I even made friends with people who did not speak my language”;

– “I’ve had other experiences in hostels and I did not like it very much, especially regarding rules and tidiness. This time I was positively impressed. Everything was spotless. I have nothing to complain about; I’ll be back”;

– “Better than my house. I didn’t want to leave even by decree”;

– “I’ve seen Brazilian guests who complain about everything when they travel and shout “I’m paying!!” a lot, but they don’t get a third of what this kind of hostel has to offer, not even in their own house. They complain because they are experts in complaining, or are just trying to gain something from it. Spare me, right? Be more polite and ethical, people!”


See? For Brazilians or foreigners, Concept is undoubtedly the best option for your stay in the Triple Border. Come and check it out yourself!!

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