Natal em Foz do Iguaçu
Christmas of Foz do Iguaçu
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Foz gets the biggest Ice Bar of the World

The attractive will be 120 square meters and 30 thousand kilos of ice were used, using the most modern technology on the market, surpassing that of Madrid, Spain, which has 70 square meters

Located at Catuaí Palladium Shopping, Ice Bar Brasil offers the public a leisure, culture and fun experience at -5 ° C. To make even more real the winter environment, playfully decorated with ice sculptures, visitors can check out the snow falling in real time.

Each session in the ice bar is aimed at 60 people of all ages and lasts 45 minutes. Visitors receive special protective clothing and go through acclimatization in an antechamber with a temperature of 12 ° C, where they receive a brief presentation about the Ice Bar. Then the public is prepared to enjoy themselves safely in a cold and -5 W.

The bar offers various drinks, hot drinks and non-alcoholic drinks. The menu of meals and snacks also caters for all tastes. The program includes live music shows, DJ DJing, among other attractions.

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